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We Help You Create Predictable Processes and Amazing Leaders

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John Scanlon, MBA, LSSMBB

Manufacturing Companies Fail to Meet Their Goals For One or More of Six Reasons

You Can Avoid These Mistakes

Poor or no production or operations strategy
A training system that does not effectively prepare new hires
A poor talent strategy resulting in poor engagement and performance
Excessive equipment failures due to a poor maintenance strategy
Lack of an effective quality management system
Failure to properly document procedures and data
These six issues are the root cause to many of the struggles manufacturing organizations deal with on a daily basis. We help you assess where you are and create a road map to where you want to be.
Blue-collar workers

Seeing the best path forward is difficult when you are in the fray. We bring a fresh perspective to the challenges you are facing and help you guide your team to success. We have helped many teams navigate projects such as:

  • New product development and testing

  • Manufacturing & maintenance process improvement

  • Quality & Continuous Improvement

  • Training Systems

Job Interview

Building a team, a great team, is more complicated than filling roles in your org chart. You want your team to have the skills needed to help your organization excel. We are offer training in the following areas:

  • Leadership

  • Lean & Six Sigma Certifications

  • Statistical Analysis (Minitab)

  • cGMP & GdocP

  • Ask about custom training programs

Computer with Graph

We have partnered with leading SaaS providers, to offer a diverse range of software solutions. Our collaborations ensure access to the latest technology, seamless integration, and top-tier support to help your business thrive. Our partnerships include:

  • Limble (CMMS)

  • Minitab (Statistical Analysis)

  • Predictive Index

  • VKS (Digital Work Instruction)

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Our Partners & Affiliations

Through the Glass
“This course really helped to validate my current knowledge of lean and six sigma and how they work together, as well as helpful takeaways on implementation and success related to the change management"

-Anonymous (5/6/2021)

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Student

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