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Person Analyzing Data

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Having the right tools to analyze your business starts with understanding your Customers needs. Lean & Six Sigma equips your team to understand the Voice of the Customer and it's relationship to the Voice of the Process.

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Explore Certification

White Belt Curriculum


What Is Lean & Six Sigma

What Are the Roles

Speaking the Lingo


DMAIC Overview

Value Added Vs. Non-Value Added

8 Wastes

Standard Work

Charts & Graphs

Principles of Pull Systems

Error Proofing

Yellow Belt Curriculum

What is Lean & Six Sigma

What are the Roles & Lingo

Manufacturing Simulation (Lego)


8 Wastes

Pull Systems

What is a Process

Operational Definition

Metrics for success

Process Mapping

RCA Overview

Measurement System Analysis

Process Control

Process Documentation

Green Belt Curriculum

History of Lean & Six Sigma

What is a Process

Project Selection

Project Charter

Project Management

Team Dynamics

Elevator Pitch


8 Wastes


Voice of the Customer


Data Collection

Measurement System Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

C&E Diagrams

SMED/ Quick Changeover

Kaizen Events

Presentation Skills

Improvement Methods

Affinity Diagrams

Pilot to Process


Developing Controls

Process Documentation

Change Management

Visual Management

Data Collection

Basic Statistical Analysis

Graphical Analysis

Black Belt Curriculum

Introduction to Black Belt

  • Core Lean Concepts

  • Core 6 Sigma Concepts

  • Lean 6 Sigma Culture

Project & Process

  • Identify quality requirements

  • Project Selection Strategy

  • Team Management


  • Project Kickoff

  • Advanced Mapping Techniques


  • Data collection plans

  • Excel for Data Analysis

  • Minitab Overview

  • Graphical Analysis

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Gage R&R

  • Control Charts

  • Probability Distributions

  • Correlation

  • Regression

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Sample Size Calculations

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness


  • FMEA

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Running Kaizen Events

  • Presentation Skills

  • Lean Management

  • CTQ Tree

  • Evaluating Capability


  • SMED/ Quick Changeover

  • Solutions Selection Matrix

  • Cost/ Benefit Analysis

  • Conducting Pilots

  • Planning Implementation

  • Creating Action

  • Affinity Diagrams

  • DOE Design of Experiment


  • Control Plans

  • Visual Management

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Process Documentation

  • Change Management

  • Training Systems

  • Layered Process Audits

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