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Predictive Index

Meet the PI Talent

Optimization Platform.

The best teams are magic. Roles and personalities complement each other. The whole becomes greater than the parts. Performance soars. Finally, there’s a scientific way to design high-performing teams with predictability.

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Talent Optimization:

Where people and business strategy meet.

Talent optimization is a four-part organizational framework you can use to empower your people to carry out your business strategy—and achieve optimal results.

Have you ever had a job that didn’t play to your strengths? Been on a team where you just didn’t “fit” the culture? Imagine if you could avoid those situations—for yourself, for future hires, for team members—and reap the benefits.

Talent optimization is Moneyball for business. Use objective, scientific people data to gain next-level insights into your talent and set them up for success.

people are the heart of your business

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Improve employee performance.


Managers think they understand their people—when they really don’t. They manage everyone the same way, ignoring individual needs and preferences. Frustrations grow. People stew in silence. High performers leave.

Help your managers understand how to interact with individuals to solve problems and increase their drive. With PI Inspire, performance soars.



Help leaders across the org hire brilliantly.

When you make a new hire, you create a new team. The dynamics change—for the better or for the worse. One bad hire can disrupt a winning team’s groove. Yet companies keep winging it and hoping for the best.

Evaluate candidates for behavioral and cognitive job fit. See how they’ll affect team dynamics. With PI Hire, identifying the right fit is easy.

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Turn any team into a high-performing team.

The perfect team for running a software start-up is a terrible team for running a hospital. And vice-versa. A mismatch between a group’s behavioral style and its strategic goals can cause major problems.

Build teams with data, not gut feel. Stop wondering how to help your teams get along and get the job done. With PI Design, the answer is clear.


Run an employee engagement survey.

Failure to pull together the right people and build the right culture can lead to tension and unhappiness on a team or across the org. Even if you’re doing everything right, one bad hire or a crisis could hurt engagement.

Pinpoint and fix budding problems. Identify what’s working and do more of it. With PI Diagnose, you control engagement.

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